Sun Rise - Sun Set, two sides of the Banff Landscape coin.

For me, the recipe for an endearing Landscape image certainly needs "the light" and as a Landscape photographer I am always chasing light.There is also the great need for a subject and here, in the Canadian Rockies - Banff,Jasper,Yoho and Kootenay National Parks - are a vast source of compelling subject matter. The issue for Landscape Photography is there is no studio - we can't control the light, no strobes,no umbrellas, no light stands and multiple speed lights with synched settings.

So you hunt for, study on, and wait for the moment where the "ight" and the "subject" will converge , team up and help in the creation of an entrancing Landscape image. There is more to add to the recipe - form,color,shape,texture,line,pattern,shape - to arrange these elements in a fetching composition, and that is the work of Landscape Photography.


Finding the subject, gauging when and where the light will be , that moment when the elements , all necessary in the recipe, come together to allow you to create the Landscape image you can put in print. Yes, in print because - just as a musical score has no life until the musicians play the notes  giving life to the score,an image is brought to life when it is printed and hung for you to see and feel the magical moment of creation when the shutter flashed.

Sunset and Sunrise - good times to catch the light.Banff National Park and the Canadian Rockies - superb location to find  subjects