Spring - A beautiful,enigmatic progression in the Rockies


Not always under consideration as a time to come, Spring rewards with a broad array of sights to delight visitors.The Canadian Rockies have a beauty all their own at anytime of year and Spring in Banff National Park is one time of year with many stunning sights.

In the mountains Spring can take its time arriving, but sights like this are part of the enigma and charm .

                                                                           Root of it All

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Long Days are the hallmark of Spring in this part of the Rockies. April there is 13 reaching to 14 hours of daylight, May there is 14 reaching to 15 hours of daylight and June daylight reaches 16 to close to 17 hours of daylight.  Don't believe it ?

Check this source http://www.timebie.com/sun/banffab.php 

                 Sun up is early and Beautiful -













 North Saskatchewan River Valley

Longer days and warmer temperatures make Spring a fine time to be here. Sure we get loads of snow and cold temps in the Winter ( and that makes for super skiing conditions) but Spring brings the change and the outdoors are beckoning - check this source - Average Temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit

The sun stays up longer and the trees and plants blossom with growth . Green is everywhere and in a vast array of Shades.

                                                              Shades of Spring

And just for added eye candy, the peaks and ridges stay snowcapped giving that awe inspiring Canadian Rockies rugged mountain look!

                                                                                                     Stately Stands

The spots of snow let you know you are at elevation, the mountains reach higher still and the snow adds spice to your Spring view. By this time, the valley floor in the Rockies and here in Banff National Park is long clear of snow ( unless a surprise storm drops in ! ) and you can sit and marvel at the wonder of this creation . ( This shot is from early evening )

Longer days, Spring temperatures, green growth abounding - you can take a walk after dinner and see scenes like this verdant meadow. This shot was taken close to 9PM and look where the sun is!


  •     Lord Tennyson is often quoted  as below                                                                                                                                 
  • “In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.”

  • ― Alfred TennysonWorks of Alfred Lord Tennyson
  • Your fancy - young or old, male or female - can be the experience of the great outdoors and the gorgeous views that are found in Banff, Banff National Park and The Canadian Rockies.. 
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