In like a Lamb, Out like Lion

Spring in the Canadian Rockies truly is a fickle time. Snowing, then warm, rainy, then still and dry, calm then breezy, cold then hot - and all that in the morning! For a landscape photographer Spring affords some great opportunities for capturing images  It also is one of the more challenging times to be out with your gear. Keeping the gear dry and protected from the elements is an ongoing hourly duty. And the lenses - they need constant care to keep them from getting weather spotted. While having to be a gear nanny can be tedious, you also have the chance to capture some great images as the weather and landscape work together to provide such an engaging show! The days get longer and warmer, then the snow starts to recede. The lakes start to open up and the creeks start to run. Soon the bears will be up and leave their dens. And color will return to the landscape around Banff.

Hey - we are aren't the only ones looking for Spring to arrive!

Enjoy your Spring !