Spring Run Off

It is the work of Spring Run Off that yeilds the signature color of the lakes and rivers in Banff National Park and the Canadian Rockies. A color like no other for the waters of the area,  it is a signature look but how does it happen.

Minerals and sediment are suspended in the melt and rain waters as they flow down the mountains and into the lakes and rivers. It gathers and the light they reflect issues the color we love to marvel over. The flow of the water can mask the depth of the hue of this color.

However, as Spring runs on the water gains more and more concentration of the minerals and sediment. As these settle the color of the Canadian Rockies water is intensified and yeilds the magical look the lakes and rivers of the area is known for. And it is Spring Run Off , the forces of nature, that produce this marvelous look found in Banff and the Canadian Rockies.A display of creative genius in rendering such beauty.