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Gita Photos Online Art Gallery Shares Banff (  Rocky Mountains ) based Landscape Photos and Canvases With People Across The World  


My online art gallery will allow me to share the beauty of Banff National Park with the world.  

December Sunrise

One of the greatest things about being a Banff Landscape & Nature Photographer is I get to capture and share views some people will never see.


Even better, I get to  share with people who live all over the world and aren’t as lucky as me to live in this World Heritage site!


 The On Line Art gallery has developed from when I got a testamonial from a client living in Toronto about Looking Westward when she sent me this note: 

 “Working in the “big smoke,” ( Toronto) I enjoy a truly urban view,                                                                         

but I keep one of Ron’s gorgeous photographs sitting in the window

next to my desk as a reminder that there is more to my world than

tall buildings and busy schedules. It offers me an instant escape

to someplace magical. I chose "Looking Westward" because I’ve

always been intrigued by forest trails with their cool surroundings and

filtered light. Ron captured the magic so perfectly that I had the photo

 produced on canvas to preserve the feeling of a fine painting of a

locale.” Jane Fedosoff - Toronto , Ontario Canada






Gita Photos On Line Art gallery prints and ships photos of Banff National Park and the Canadian Rockies direct to you for as little as $35.00.



Studies have shown there are numerous benefits to being exposed to nature such as:

  • Decreased heart rate

  • Slower breathing

  • Increased oxygen intake

  • Calmer mind

  • More energized body

In fact, in a recent study by Harvard Business Review  researchers found you can be more productive simply by taking time out of your day to look at nature, whether it be out the window or a fine art print from my On Line Art Gallery

In this study, researchers found evidence that looking at natural environments can even help restore our attention; 

In this research, I’ve been drawing on attention restoration theory, which suggests that natural environments have benefits for people. The 

theory is that because nature is effortlessly fascinating, it captures your attention without your having to consciously focus on it.

It doesn’t draw on your attention control, which you use for all these daily tasks that require you to focus. So gazing at natural environments provides you with an opportunity to replenish your stores of attention control. That’s really important, because they’re a limited resource that we’re constantly tapping.” Kate Lee, Researcher.Source 


My On Line Art Gallery provides an experience, not just an object!


More and more studies are showing we get more happiness from experiences than things.

If you have had the good fortune to travel to Banff , you can keep that  experience of a "special Moment in the Rockies" captured in a print ( fine art paper or canavas) from the my On Line Art Gallery

And what about your friends or someone who culdn't make the trip to Banff but wanted to. Who doesn't like a good sun rise or sun set. Landscapes have, for years, been the chioce to decorate rooms and spaces. They are perfect for:

  • Gifts
  • Home and Office Decor
  • Reception areas and Lobbies
  • Restaurants 
  • Waiting Rooms and Sitting Areas
  • Conference and Meeting Rooms

Shipping is Free in Canada, and only $10 to the US and $15.00 Internationally. Starting at $35.00 it will be difficult to find Photo Art at these price points - shipped so inexpensivley!

Shop the On Line Art gallery now .

"Special Moments in the Rockies, captured in a print forever"