Larches - The Fall colour show in the Rockies

    The weather of course, Is the main indicator of Fall coming on. The temperatures drop, the days grow shorter and the days can be blustery or calm. Yet still, it is the change in the colour of the landscape that tells the most, and that Fall has come to Banff and the Rockies! Yes, the Larch tree changes colour even though it is a deciduous “evergreen” tree.


Larches under The Monarch & Ramparts

The Larches in the Alpine begin the transformation to the Golden Yellow hue that draws the eye, sets the landscape to glowing , almost vibrating and starts the annual Rockies Gold Rush. In Banff National Park  and this part of the Rockies there are many spots to hike to and see the Larch trees and the great show they give in the landscape.

The mountains, especially this peak - The Monarch - agree and Larches form the Throne for The Monarch!

                     Larch Throne for the Monarch


Check this Blog ( Link below) for one of the famous spots for Larch Trees

  • Hikers pack up and head for the areas where this gorgeous tree brings a stunning look to the Landscape. With the light hitting them just so Larches seem to be glowing from within.
  • Larches are deciduous trees but, they are also the only deciduous tree to lose their “leaves” really their needles in the Fall. The hiking trails in the Alpine where they grow, can be covered with these as the season progresses.

On a recent hiking trip to the Skoki Valley I met a sweet couple ( Steve and Sandy) who had planted Larch along their driveway onto their acreage. Many years later people are now coming to see their driveway in the Fall! And if you have a green thumb, depending on where you live , you could do the same.

Read here on how to put Larch trees in your Garden


My preference, actually my delight – is to hike into the Alpine where there are stands of Larch and take in the full splendor of the Rocky Mountains being snow capped, under a October moody sky and decorated and adorned by this special Tree


But , just as Steve and Sandy did, Larches have been planted around for the wonderful look they bring ( like all trees ) to the landscape and the neighborhood ? Yes the neighborhood ! Check this link for seeing Larches in Calgary ( the “gateway” to the West and the Canadian Rockies of Canada. -  Larches in the City 


Still, I think they show their best and give you the feel of The Canadian Rockies here in Banff, when you hike into the Alpine to see them!

This year I had this Image , seen below, of Larch Trees in the Calgary Stampede Western Showcase.


                                          Island of Light 

 I enjoy meeting the clients as they browse my images at the Western Showcase  and one fine fellow who stopped to talk about the shot wanted to know where I had taken it. “In the Rockies – somewhere between Lake Louise and Castle Junction at an elevation above 1800 meters” was my reply. There are famous stands of Larch Trees like those mentioned in these  links given below that I don't ( and can't)  keep secret!!

Larch Trees in Banff                                                       Larch Trees in Alberta 


However, some places will remain on my “do not tell list” as a spot to go and , like my friend who stopped at my booth in the Stampede – you just have to go out and explore for them !!

That is one of the many draws in the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park, and one that is a high light of a trip in the Fall.

I would like to go to Eastern Canada and shoot the Fall colours of those gorgeous Hardwoods – Oak, Maple and Elm – anybody want to reveal a spot from their “ do not tell list “ ? I will be sure to keep it a secret!  ;)

 Meanwhile - I;ll keep going out getting shots of Larches here in the Rockies!

                                                                   Larch Valley - Looming Clouds


If you missed the Larches and the views they give  - you can check my on line Art Gallery to get an image of these Golden hued Trees.
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