January in the Canadian Rockies - cold,dark and Wonderful!


January in the Canadian Rocky Mountains – cold, dark and Wonderful. January may not be on the top of the list for getting photos of Banff and Lake Louise but the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park yield in January ( and year round) opportunities for stunning sights.

My on line Art Gallery  features Canadian Rocky Mountain Art photographs for sale , and January is well represented as a time that offers the special moments that the Rockies can produce.

Banff National Park is a treasured spot in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and a Landscape photographers  paradise for creating Art photographs – and the scenes of January is this posts feature!

In the Rocky Mountain Landscape , after the Winter Solstice in late December ( the shortest day of the year ) – we go into January knowing it will be dark,cold and mostly wearisome. There is an average of 7.5 hours of daylight per day , but those days can be short and Sweet and the sunrises, coming late in the morning – are dazzling. The sun comes up late and barely rises over the mountain tops. This creates a low angle so that the light rays have to pierce the cloud cover and it can make for some exquisite displays on the landscape. 

The image below, called “ Piercing the Dark”  was captured after 9 in the morning as the heavy cloud cover began to recede, and the light of dawn broke out. The Ice fog hung on the valley floor, not unusual, until the morning warmed up.


There is a haunting beauty to Banff National Park and the Canadian Rockies that comes in January – late morning sublime sunrises. These are a favorite for me to create Canadian Rocky Mountain and Banff Art photographs. Yes, it can be quite cold at this time but dressed appropriately one can be out and enjoy these scenes.

Image - The Still of Cold


You may think with short days January may not be a good time to visit BUT it precisely the short hours of light , the low angle of the sun through the day, and the crisp air – that produce the stunning sunrises, sunsets and brilliant scenes in that January clear , crisp air.

Image - "Let there be Light"



Image "Untouched Trail"


There is skiing, ( Alpine , Nordic and Touring) to be done, there is Dog Sled Rides ( and the dogs run best in the cold ! ) you can go for a snowshoe, for a skate ( you may have to clear a spot ) you can visit the Banff Center for the Arts as well as the Galleries and Museums in Banff Town Site - and get a culture fix and a feel for the Rocky Mountain Culture. And the dining opportunities are exceptional .


Then you can go sit by the fire, and have a warm drink and remember the sights you saw!


Image - "Fire and Ice "



January in the Canadian Rocky Mountains – yes it can be cold,dark and short, short days – but it is also Wonderful. Plan a trip, get Bundled up and see it.



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