Waniyetu Wi - Sioux for "Moon of the rutting Deer" - to us Fall in the Rockies

How do you recall Fall ? What things bring the "sights,smells and feel" of Fall to your memory of those special moments.For me the Larches turning and their radiance in sun light is one , the crisp morning air is another and then there is the much awaited Indian Summer days. Days that start crisp and cool, warm up to T shirt weather in the mid day, and drop back to cool with sundown. Add to that the buggling of the Bull Elk as they watch over thier herds in rutting season - that is Fall or Waniyteu Wi -  in Banff National Park!

 As a Landscape photographer here in Banff, the turning leaves,the cool nights and crisp mornings all give notice AND hearing the buggling reinforces the memory and the senses - Fall is here, it is short and enoy it NOW!

On the day I took this shot it was one of those special Canadian Rockies Fall days. The ones you remember as they have that extra something in ambiance - sight,smell and sound that linger in your memory.

I hope that as you look at these shots with the Larches turning in the High Alpine on the shoulders of Fairview and Saddleback Mountains,(Banff National Park) with the crisp blue Alberta sky and air, and the laze inducing Fall afternoon light - during the "moon of the rutting deer" -you will also hear the bugle call of the Elk.

Image Title: Waniyetu Wi ( shot from the shores of Waterfowl Lake the morning of the Full Moon )

If you hear the buggling  let me know! 

Banff is a landcape photographers playground and, the Fall offers sights like these larches.They were shot up on Saddleback Mountain (the little "peak" under the Glacier of Temple Mountain center frame),where this Larch and its friends were showing off a Canadian Rockies kind of Fall.They told all who looked - Fall is blooming in Banff and it reaches from up here to the Valley floor. Enjoy these moments in the Rockies while it lasts!