Fall into Winter - Indian Summer and Banff's Schedule


Indian Summer is a weather phenomenon that occurs after a period of cold chill Fall weather and the frost setting in . In Banff and Lake Louise this year, the conditions were setting up perfect for the special time known as Indian Summer. In the Canadian Rockies and around Banff, the start of Fall or WInter isn't based on the Fall Equinox, but is decided by Nature and the conditions in both the High Alpine and valleys of Banff.

October was mostly cold, snowy and very chill in the Bow Valley ,Banff, Lake Louise and this part of the Canadian Rockies and most were hoping for an Indian Summer for that last blast of being outdoors in warmth and sun. Right on cue, near the end of October the desired and hoped for Indian Summer dropped in! From light down jackets ( Puffies) we went back to T shirts ,Ball caps and sunglasses. Indian Summer had come!

Then , like the saying - the good thing came to an end. This image was taken on the last day of Indian Summer -

Curtain Call    This shot was taken in the late afternoon from the far side of Johnson Lake. The sun was descending below the ridge line of the peaks of the Sulfur and Rundle Ranges. Only shafts of light were getting through the gaps and they had set a spot light of illumination on the last Apen with leaves signaling the Curtain Call for Indian Summer I was sure.

  • We had had -  the perfect conditions , Indian Summer graced the Rockies, Banff National Park and Bow  Valley -  and all knew what would come next.


Again, Winter doesn't adhere to the Equinox and the Winter Solstice in the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park. WInter comes on the schedule of Nature and the conditions that are present. The Bow Valley, Banff and Lake Louise weren't going to have to wait to late December for Winter. It was coming on a different timetable. 

  • Fall leads to Winter
  • Winter leads to spectacular views!

Dancin' in the Clouds  One week later, after the Curtain Call - the snows started and made for that special beauty that snow brings to the Rocky Mountain landscape. Banff National Park woke up to a never tiring and always inspiring view of frost, snow and misty clouds dancing about the Mountain Peaks and the Valleys . When the cloud and mist start to lift out under the heat of the rising morning sun - the show is on!


  •  Yup, just 1 week and Winter had started to settle in


  • The skiers begin to get anxious. The Ski Resorts all move into high speed to prepare. Norquay, Sunshine Village and Lake Louise - that make up the Ski Big3 in Banff - all got open and were running for the long weekend around Remembrance day ( Nov. 10, 11, 12 )
  • Ski Tourers were getting their equipment lined up and already heading to the Back Country to get some turns in
  • Cross Country Skiers were the 1st to get riding on snow and Winter was underway and welcomed!



With Winter settling in all the way to the Valley Bottoms in Banff National Park, there is a change that occurs to the views and the landscape - the look of winter and what it brings - that special beauty of the 3 States of Water 

Water has 3 states - it can be a liquid, a solid or a gas. Quite a tricky thing water is and the tricks it can do! So winter brings us those tricks to marvel at, experience and play in.


3 States - Water, Ice and Snow - This image , taken 1 week after Remembrance Day displays the marvellous beauty that Winter renders for us on the Landscape and uses Water so creatively. ( OK creative license here, there is no Gas BUT there is Water and Snow and Ice )

Banff has so much beauty . Banff can be capricious, and just like the weather in the Canadian Rockies - it is to hard to predict. Fall to Indian Summer to WInter in 14 days! If you were here it was a dazzling period to witness and experience and ENJOY! If you weren't - these photos and more are available from my website.


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