Cold Air and Crowfoot

It was a biting cold day in Banff National Park and, eventhough it was March, the air temperature was in -double digits.

  • Before the sun gets high Cold air lies heavy over the ground, and as the sun rises, it starts to warm the air. As the air is warmed , the mist from the ground rises and , as it shifts and moves - creates patterns and dazzling cloud formations.

  • The winds aloft started to "spread" the clouds and they went from a bulbous puffy to a combination of that well known look with wispy feather like shapes dancing above.The sun shone in - and In just moments -  the  mist was gone.

  • It transformed and hovered above Crowfoot Mountain and Glacier, creating this stunning sight that lasted mere seconds!

Wisps of the cold mist clung to patrs of the peaks and glaciers . Then , just as suddenly, the wondrous clouds shifted and were gone moving across the landscape to settle above the other side of this high pass.

Such a show can only be performed by Nature, and it is performed on the stage of Banff National Park in  Canadian Rockies.

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