Can Mountains have a Doppelganger?

I recently was in Switzerland to attend the Lausanne International Art Fair . I brought several photos of the Rocky Mountain landscape for the Art lovers in Europe to see. Being a Landscape Photographer I had to get into the Swiss Alps and see and shoot up close some of their iconic landscapes.


At home here in Banff National Park it is often repeated that Mt. Assiniboine is the “Matterhorn of the Canadian Rockies”. Indeed, much of this area owes much to the famed Swiss Guides who helped establish Banff National Park and the Rockies as a tourist destination.

  • Mt. Assiniboine and the Canadian Rockies owe a great deal to the renowned Swiss Guides who from 1896 to 1954 - Between 1899 and 1954, there were approximately 35 Swiss mountaineers employed by CPR.
  • Of the 56 first ascents of mountains over 3000 metres prior to 1911, not less than 50 first ascents were performed under the guidance of Swiss mountaineers. 
  • By 1925, CPR’s 35 Swiss guides had led more than 250 first ascents in the Rocky and Selkirk Mountains.Many peaks in the Rockies were named after the Swiss Guides who first climbed themselves.

For more of the Swiss Guides history in Banff National Park check this link -  Swiss Guides In Banff


But , to answer the question I started with – yes the mountains can and DO have Dopplegangers. Switzerland is 15940 Sq. Miles and Banff National Park is 2564 which is a lot of area to cover so let me speed your quest up!

              Does this peak here   ...........................................................................resemble this peak here?


                     They sure do don't they! And the one above here is Assiniboine....................................................and the one above here is The Matterhorn!

Two mountains, on different continents, yet shaped and looking so very similar!

Let's try this again and see - two mountain photos, two mountain landscapes - one in Banff and one in Switzerland - but both amazingly beautiful where they are and how they are!!

And 2 more shots of the immensity and the grandeur that is Mountain Landscapes , in the Canadian Rockies and in the Swiss Alps - both mountainscapes that bring one wonder on both sides of the ocean and both looking so very similar while thousands of kilometers apart!

Mt. Assiniboine & Lake Magog                                                                                                


                                                                                                                                                                                                The Matterhorn and Monte Rosa          


The Matterhorn is Higher at 4478 Meters compared to Assiniboine's 3618 meters - so they may not be perfect Doppelgangers but they are close ( and they are mountains ! )

 But both are dazzlingly impressive landscapes - great images to have on your wall, wonderful places to visit!


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