Black & White - Winter Mountain Photos in Banff National Park


The majority of the photos you will see of Banff National Park, are vividly coloured photos from the Summer and Fall seasons - and they are stunning . Have you thought about Black and White mountain artwork?

The genre of Black & White photography can bring you the experience of Winter in Banff National Park in a very emotive way. Winter mountain photography is a good time for creating photos in Black and White



Black and White - This is Mountain Artwork ! Read these comments from an article in

DPS ( Digital Photography School) On Line Magazine and Darren Rowes! seems as though Black and White images are making something of a comeback of late as digital camera owners rediscover the beauty of mono images.

You can check my On Line Art Gallery to browse some Black and White mountain photos from Banff and Lake Louise. The heart of the Canadian Rockies.

More about Black and White Photography from Andrew Gibson - Photo Tuts

In the early days of photography, photographers had no choice but to shoot in black and white, as it was the only available medium. Then, in 1936, the invention of kodachrome gave colour photography to the world. But black and white photography didn't die off, instead it flourished. Modern black and white photography at it's best is art, and many photographers regard it as the purest form of photography.


So why does black and white photography command such acclaim? One reason is that colour is a distraction. It takes attention away from the visual building blocks of a great photo; texture, tonal contrast, shape, form and lighting. A photographer shooting in black and white has to learn how to use all these elements to create a memorable image.

From an artistic viewpoint; color depicts reality. Black and white is an interpretation of reality.

Public comments on 4 Things about Black and White Photography( from DPS):

  1. VersatilityI love that it’s a format that suits almost any type of photography. Portraits, landscapes, urban landscapes, architecture. Not only that, it’s a medium that adapts really well to all lighting situations. Whereas color photography often works best on sunny days or in brightly lit studios – low light just makes a black and white image moody – Sol
  2. No Distractions I find that colors can be terribly distracting in some images and can take the focus away from your subject. I do portrait work and find that taking the color out of an image lets the subject speak for themselves. Its raw, it’s stripped back, it’s honest and it allows you to show the true person.” – Shane
  3. Subtlety of Tones I love the subtlety of tones that black and white images can have. In a world that often boasts about how many millions of colors a TV or monitor is able to produce – I love that in ‘Mono’ there is such a variety of what can be achieved in a photo. Black and White sounds so boring – but the fact is that there are so many shades in between – I love the challenge of bringing them all out in an image!” – Jim
  4. Variety “I find the creative process with black and white images is so… artistic. It’s like molding clay – you can shape it into a myriad of shapes. Black and White images can be strong, high contrast and powerful – or they can be so soft, gentle and subtle.” – Belle




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