Banff, Why you shouldn't visit ! ? (We have 4 seasons but there is only 1 reason )

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Winter may be the less thought of time to sight see . Most Banff Lake Louise photos are taken in the summertime. But there are lots of folks who like to come in winter.

  • Skiers ,both Alpine and Nordic,

  • Those that ski tour – back country and side country -

  • Climbers and those that Snowshoe,

In winter the sunrises can be spectacular.


Sure it is cold in the winter but Check these statistics though, You will see the temperatures aren't an obstcale to being out in the mountain landscape.

Spring in the Rocky Mountain Landscape comes later and is a fickle season. Nevertheless, the days grow longer and the temperatures are less extreme. You will see more Banff Lake Louise photos  from Spring than Winter.With the angle the sun comes up and goes down at, the sunrises and sunsets make the landscape sing.

Again the skiers , those that tour, snowshoe and climb are out and about – even more so as the conditions beckon with the longer milder days and a stable snow pack. Meanwhile, the wildlife starts to move around and be more evident as they move about .



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Then comes Summer, the single most popular time to see Banff Lake Louise and the Rocky Mountain Landscape. The summers are short but very appealing. These days all visiotrs seem to be out with a cell phone camera taking Banff Lake Louise photos for their memory books.

People come to do:

  • Hiking

  • Backpacking,

  • Horse trips,

  • the lakes and rivers are opened up allowing Canoeing, Rafting and Fishing.


It is the time of the long days that makes Banff National Park a hub of activity.


Check these weather stats as the days are warm but not stifling and the nights are refreshingly cool.

and look here for Visitor Statstics -




And Fall is another short but oh so sweet season to see and smell and feel the Canadian Rockies. Cool crisp air in the mornings , warm  weather during the day - with cool easy sleeping nights!


SO why shouldn't you visit? The beauty of nature, the awe inspiring peaks and valleys, the wildlife and clean air have no interest for you. Because if that is so -  the Canadian Rockies Landscape beauty won't catch your eye!



If you don't like Nature and the Beauty of Nature – you shouldn't come. If you do the experience in Banff it will be more than you can imagine. 



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