Banff National Park ,Waterfalls and the Canadian Rockies ?

As a Banff based Fine Art landscape photographer, I delight to share the images of the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park. However, for this post , I wanted to show off some of the waterfalls - stunning and grand, delicate and intimate - that are laced throughout the mountain landscape that captures me.

                                                                 Run Off 

                                                                                                         The Natural Bridge

Have you ever felt a calm and joy as you hike and look at the natural world around you? There are benefits to being out in nature. Some known, some experienced but unconsciously, some evident and all welcome. 

                                                                                                 Upper Athabasca Falls

From the Business Insider - 11 Scientific Reasons you should be spending more time Outside

"In one study, University of Michigan students were given a brief memory test, then divided into two groups.

One group took a walk around an arboretum, and the other half took a walk down a city street. When the participants returned and did the test again, those who had walked among trees did almost 20% percent better than the first time. The ones who had taken in city sights instead did not consistently improve....."

  •  Improved short-term memory

  •  Restored mental energy

  • Stress relief

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Improved concentration

  • Sharper thinking and creativity

  • Possible anti-cancer effects

  • Immune system boost

  • Improved mental health

  • Reduced risk of early death

And Water, the sounds of it ( including Waterfalls) have many benefits as well:

from the Huffpost - Why Water makes us feel Calm

"Many of us know that being around water makes us calmer and more creative. Science knows it, too: A recent study even showed that people who live near the ocean report feeling less stress and better health than those who don't.  

But what is it about water that makes us feel this way?

To be honest, it's still a mystery, says Mathew White, an environmental psychologist at the University of Exeter."

  • Water brings you to a calmer, more meditative state. 

  • And it can even slow down your brainwaves

  • And it really brings creativity out to play.

  • Water generates a sense of awe.

It's that last one - the sense of awe that Waterfalls really engender for me. How about you?

Thunder & Mist at Takakaw Falls


When you come to, and spend time in the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park - let the waterfalls be part of the experience. Your Rockies experience should have sight,smell,sound,feel. The benefits of this experience - calmness, stress reduction, sharper thinking, creativity will be brought into the experience as you visit the Banff Mountain Landscape.

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