A Cold Snap - get out and enjoy it!?



  "Cold Snap" is a an image shot on the morning a deep cold   snap settled in Banff and area. ( It was  -31 this Morning ! )  This image was taken from the shore line of the Vermilion    Lakes where one of the many natural Sulfur Springs empty   into the lake. I knew the shot I wanted, but with the biting    cold how would I get in place and keep hands and feet warm enough until the light gave the shot I was hoping to get. The sulfur spring meant warm water meeting cold air would provide a wonderful mood  and mist.

So I got to the location I had scouted where the sulfur spring drains into the lake , studied for  "the" spot" to set up and using my head lamp got  help to light up the area and I got to work. Standing in a stream in the midst of -31 weather seems foolish BUT the flow was warm and I had great boots . I also had on battery powered socks to help out. The feet were taken care of. The tripod went up and wasn't getting frozen in so I was happy and half way home. Once I had the camera al set up ( using thin gloves and alternating between set up and then  then back into heated mitts ) my hands survived the first step. Having the remote release connected and the camera ready I put the remote inside the mitts with my fingers placed on the release button. I checked that I could fire the remote from inside my mitt and INSIDE my coat pocket and then waied for the light. Once it came I used the remote to fire off the camera and got my desired series of shots for the panorama I had envisioned and set up the camera to capture.This Panorama, called Cold Snap, is the result! I hope you enjoy this one , and my other panoramas in the Panoramas Gallery.

Stay warm, enjoy the winter !